Declassifying the process of discarding undesirable products in Shenzhen Printing Plant

2019-05-27 13:03:22 119

     Customers are always worried that Shenzhen Printing Factory will outflow bad or even good products from the production process, especially for books and periodicals, which happened before they went public. We can not imagine the negative impact.

First of all, there is a special storage area for discarded products in our workshop. This area must be in video surveillance. Each department involved in defective products will put forward scrap demand within 1 to 3 months after the delivery of the order, fill in the specific "application form for scrap of defective products" to clarify the types and quantities of scrap products.


  Then submit the application form to the head of the quality department or the relevant department for examination and approval. Finally, the QC on-site confirms the quantity and category of discarded bad products, identifies the discarded products, and after checking by the warehouse management personnel, chops the discarded products in the waste storage area to ensure that all the bad waste products are thoroughly turned into waste paper and no possibility of flowing out. The whole scrap process includes all the bad products produced by the process, from printing proofreading paper to conventional scrap products within the loss range, and so on.