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  First of all, we need to know why we need to use FSC paper? In developed countries, 50% of paper raw materials are wood, of which about 16% are natural forest wood. At the same time, the production of paper needs a lot of water and energy. The paper we consume unconsciously every day means that trees are cut down in equal proportion every day. Its consumption rate has far exceeded the natural growth rate of trees. In the environment of the earth's limited forest resources decreasing, we human beings can not wait to die, so some insightful people put forward the use of paper from certified regenerated forests, hoping to achieve the purpose of protecting native forests


  Printing companies advocate the use of recyclable materials as much as possible in hardbound printed paper, replanting forest paper (FSC certified paper) or environmentally friendly paper and wood-free paper made from industrial waste. Non-wood paper is made from the waste of crops such as kenaf and bagasse. Use recycled paper and recycle to reduce paper consumption for forest conservation. Use recycled paper and non-wood paper as much as possible. The consumption of new white paper can be reduced by using old paper with high content or paper with low white color. Mankind's duty is to protect the global ecological balance.