Reveal the difference of printing quotation and restore the real service of Shenzhen Printing Factory!

2019-05-27 13:02:22 88

  Many Shenzhen printing factories always make use of some customers who do not know how to quote, lack of printing knowledge, and reduce the cost of compression by sacrificing quality and service. Therefore, we will always tell our customers and friends, or to choose a strong, good reputation, focus on brand management of good faith suppliers, it is necessary to summarize the factors that cause this difference in quotation are the following points;

I. Differences in Printing and Binding Raw Materials

In fact, this is the main factor affecting the printing cost, and the printing effect of different brands of paper is far from each other. The price of Jindong, Sun and other well-known brands of paper per ton is about 1000 Yuan different from that of other miscellaneous brands of paper. We can imagine the difference in quotation.

II. Differences between Printing Ink and Printing Material

In order to reduce production costs, many unknown poor ink will be used, so there will be some books have a so-called ink fragrance, otherwise, the real good ink is not only good printing effect luster, but also no odor.



   Secondly, the selection of printing plate, good plate resistance to India, and can print high precision dots, so that overprinting more accurate, more perfect color effect.

3. The Difference of Management Cost

The scale of each factory is different. The owner of the printing factory who pays attention to brand reputation will spare no money to improve management and raise management cost, and all aspects of production will naturally be in place. This can be seen directly from the storage, placement and delivery of this printing plant. Good printing plants have different standards for neat code placement, perfect labels, types of cardboard use and the way of code placement, which reflects the good soft service strength of the printing plant.


For example, the printing company's documentary service process has always been responsible for certification. Every link in the production process, such as document error or feeling unreasonable, will keep in touch with customers in a timely manner. This practice is different from the essential differences of some printing factories that only follow the customer's own documents correctly, not to mention any proofing, color, delivery and other services.