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  • Release date 2019-05-27

      If you want to know the future of an industry, you must pay attention to it consciously. Recently, the college students around you always ask me how I want to choose the future of learning printing...

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  • Release date 2019-05-27

    On December 12, 2017, Shenzhen printing industry enterprises gathered in Lizijin Villa Press Hall of Southern Shanxi Province to hold the 8th Fourth Membership Congress and 2017 Annual Conference.  In...

    Read(125) LabelCongress of Printing Industry Association

  • Release date 2019-05-27

         Customers are always worried that Shenzhen Printing Factory will outflow bad or even good products from the production process, especially for books and periodicals, which happened...

    Read(119) LabelDiscarding process of defective products

  • Release date 2019-05-27

      First of all, we need to know why we need to use FSC paper? In developed countries, 50% of paper raw materials are wood, of which about 16% are natural forest wood. At the same time, the production...

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