Heidelberg 5-color oiled press

2019-11-04 18:04:51 353

Fully automatic Film-covering machine has automatic paper feeding, two-stage powder removal, automatic edge-lapping system, automatic slitting, magnetic powder tension control, mechanical and electrical integration control of the whole machine; unique pneumatic film-stretching, hot air automatic constant temperature control, high efficiency, safety, energy-saving, which has been affirmed by the majority of users.

In the era of advanced technology, the automatic Film-covering machine replaces the traditional Film-covering machine. It does not need to put paper manually. It only needs to place the Film-covering paper on the machine, so it can save a lot of time to adjust the machine. Comparing with other Film-covering machines, the automatic Film-covering machine has many unique functions and advantages. Today, Changsha Paper Printing and Packaging Knitting takes you to understand the functional characteristics of the automatic Film-covering machine.