Hardcover Printing and Binding Processing Services

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  Cooperation time: 2010

Cooperative projects: hardcover printing and binding processing services

Client Territory: Shenzhen

Established in 2001, Shenzhen Cultural Development Co., Ltd. is a relatively large-scale private publishing and distribution enterprise in China. It is a key cultural enterprise in Shenzhen and a member of the sixth board of the China Publishing Association. It has been working intensively in the field of life books. The market share and influence of life books published by Shenzhen Cultural Development Co., Ltd. ranks first in the country.

As early as in 2009, the printing company has been connected with culture and printed many times Mr. Huang Yizhen's Fengshui masterpiece (hardcover edition). At that time, there were many printing enterprises in Bagua Ling, Shenzhen. However, few of them were able to produce high-end hardcover editions. Printing companies were waiting for culture in silence and cooperating with culture in a long stream.

The most profound culture is the customer service department of the printing company - we provide 24-hour online production progress report of hardcover printing and binding, which makes them as if they are far away from the horizon to participate in the manufacturing process of hardcover books, without worrying about the due date. The hardcover books of culture mainly consist of books and periodicals of recipes and life, and the requirements of printing color are particularly stringent.

The Heidelberg four-color printing press owned by the printing company is the preferred equipment for printing such publications. At the same time, the pre-press color management fogra39 used by printing companies is easy to prevent the problem of color aberration. Through the test of digital manuscript, it is predicted whether the color of printed sheet meets the expectation of customers, which greatly meets the customers'requirements for the color of pictures and texts. Printing company, the combination of technology and color, so that your work more in line with expectations.