Printing Company and Notebook Story

2019-05-27 13:19:56 189

  The brand symbolizes a long-standing family of hardcover notebooks, logs and city guides. It is a flexible and simple communication tool, suitable for daily or special occasions, and gradually integrated into an important part of the unique personality of users. It's hard to imagine that M is just a notebook, but it's really a favorite brand of European artists and writers in the twentieth century.

Let later artists leave their marks on hardcover notebooks made by printing companies. In 2013, when they learned that the printing companies imported the latest Martini hardcover production line at that time, they soon turned their eyes to us. From visiting factories to placing orders for delivery, the passion continues.

Laptops represent the coexistence of practicality and elegance. Obviously, no matter from the touch of soft cover to the choice of paper in the text, every detail can reflect the unique understanding of the printing company's binding notebooks. Our simple handicraft insists on checking every notebook in person every day, even the tightness of a simple rubber belt is always confident in his own hands. Work test, with a user's attitude to feel the actual use of each notebook, so that each product will not fail to live up to the trust.