Six Years of Printing

2023-06-14 13:09:50 161

 It is well known that children's products have higher requirements than other age products. For children's books, Meida has 23 years of printing experience, many experienced printing technicians, rich experience in color preference for children, making the products more popular with children.

Established in 2001, Shenzhen Cultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a new cultural company focusing on the research and development and distribution of children's books. It mainly produces children's books and e-books aged 0-6. Over the past 13 years, thousands of excellent children's books have been created for babies all over the country to disseminate the advanced ideas of early childhood education. It is such a well-known enterprise in the industry that in 2011 selected printing companies as the processing suppliers of printed children's books, and has been cooperating with printing companies until now, the establishment of long-term cooperation is the embodiment of excellent quality.

Printing company's children's book printing, using soybean offset printing ink printing technology, no odor, bright color, according to the characteristics of different age babies, the edges of books for safe treatment, not afraid of tearing, not afraid of water, not injuring hands, always protect the safety of babies, so that babies can rest assured, mothers can rest assured.