Just to meet the most beautiful children's storybook

2019-05-27 13:20:17 186

 With gratitude to our customers, the printing company is committed to making safe children's reading books. We have more than ten years'experience in printing children's books and periodicals. The products cover children's board books, stereo books, children's picture books, children's reading books and so on. Safe and environmentally friendly soybean ink, strict control of each process, in order to let each child meet and have the most beautiful book, accompany their growth.

Children's reading and printing - using all-media printing technology, is a new printing and publishing mode. Its principle is that when the "voice pen" equipped with photoelectric scanner and code conversion chip and FLASH memory card touches the printed matter with two-dimensional code base, the "voice pen" will make sound and read the relevant content on the printed matter. In the process of learning, children receive not only the picture story information of the book itself, but also the reading experience of children as a new carrier. This way organically combines the three media of sound, paper printing and network, which makes the printing publications have a real sense of audio-visual integration, which also makes our efforts more meaningful.