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Cooperation time: 2012

Collaborative project: publicity sample printing of trading center

Customer Territory: Guangzhou

The trading center is a key government project jointly invested by Hong Kong listed company Petrochemical Company and Guangzhou Operating Company Limited (the only authorized institution in Guangzhou Nansha Development Zone to invest and manage state-owned assets on behalf of the government). It is one of the six major spot trading centers in Guangzhou and one of the key construction projects of modern service industry in Guangzhou.

In view of the third-party characteristics of the trading platform, this publicity sample printing is designed and typesetted with a unique window structure. In the strict and standard text narration, the product examples are properly displayed through the picture window, which reflects the profession and adds a certain degree of persuasion. With 200 grams of double copper paper, the printing color is soft and the paper is firm, and it is easier to spread and read professional samples. This printing is on, 10 years of professional sample printing quality assurance!