• Publications Printing and Binding Processing

    Cooperation Time: From 2012 to now: Client Area of Publications Printing and Binding Processing: Hubei, as a child education service provider of all-media and industry chain, was established in 1999, and jointly established with Changjiang Publishing and Media Group at the end of 2005, Media Co., Ltd.

  • Just to meet the most beautiful children's storybook

    With gratitude to our customers, the printing company is committed to making safe children's reading books. We have more than ten years'experience in printing children's books and periodicals.

  • Printing Company and Notebook Story

    The brand symbolizes a long-standing family of hardcover notebooks, logs and city guides. It is a flexible and simple communication tool, suitable for daily or special occasions, and gradually integrated into an important part of the unique personality of users.

  • Hardcover Printing and Binding Processing Services

    Cooperation Time: 2010 Cooperation Project: Customer Area of Hardcover Printing and Binding Processing Services: Shenzhen Cultural Development Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001. It is a relatively large-scale private publishing and distribution enterprise in China. It is a key cultural enterprise in Shenzhen City and a member unit of the 6th Council of China Publishing Association. It works intensively in the field of life books and publishes life books.

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